Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

The only insurance provider that I take is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you take my insurance, what will my co-pay be?

Each insurance plan is different. You’ll have to check with your specific plan to find out what your co-pay is for counseling sessions.

What if I have a deductible to meet?

If you have a deductible to meet you will be responsible for full session fees until your deductible is met. Your sessions will still be submitted to insurance, to go towards your deductible.

What are your session fees?

My session rate is $110 per session (60 minutes)

What forms of payment do you take?

I accept cash, check, debit, credit, and HSA/FSA cards

Will sessions be weekly?

This question will be determined by us together after we meet for your intake/assessment. Sessions are often weekly, but do not have to be. Some people choose to come every other week, or even monthly.

Who comes to the first intake/assessment session?

For children under the age of 10, I prefer to meet with the parent(s)/guardian for the 1st appointment without your child. That way young children are not in the waiting room unattended for a long time for the experience of their first session. During the 1st appointment I will gather family history and background information, as well as have you complete a bit of paperwork. I will then begin meeting with your child at the 2nd appointment.

For children over the age of 10, they can attend the 1st appointment and the hour will be split between parent(s) and child/teen.

Are you providing Telehealth sessions by video or phone?

Yes, please email me for more details on how to get started.

Are Telehealth sessions covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance?

Yes, at this time during COVID-19, Telehealth sessions are covered the same as in-office sessions.