Items Your Child Might Need for Online Play Therapy (H1)

Getting set for virtual play therapy? Here’s a simple checklist of items that can help your child feel more at ease and engaged during their sessions.

Books They Love: Let your child pick out a few favorite books to have on hand. Sharing a favorite story with their therapist or just having them to flip through during a session makes books a great way for kids to feel comfortable and open up.

Art Supplies: Keep it simple with things like crayons, markers, and paper. Art lets kids express themselves in colors and shapes when words are hard to find, and having these supplies at the ready can be really helpful.

Interactive Games: Board games aren’t just for rainy days—they can be a hit online, too. They’re fun and can teach kids about taking turns and strategizing, all while chatting with their therapist.

Fidget Toys: Something to twist, squeeze, or spin can make a big difference for kids who need to move to focus. It’s about keeping their hands busy so their minds can open up.

A Comforting Presence: Does your child have a favorite stuffed toy or maybe an action figure they’re always playing with? Having it by their side during therapy can provide a touch of comfort and security.

Family Photos: A picture can speak volumes. Family photos can help initiate conversations about loved ones, memories, and emotions.

These simple items can transform a corner of your home into a comforting virtual therapy space, helping your child navigate through their feelings with a bit more ease. Here at Amy Brown Counseling, we’re all about finding the right blend of comfort, engagement, and effective therapeutic practices to support not just children but their entire families across Missouri.

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